Jan. 5th, 2011

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Sometimes I really wonder about the Pandora algorithms. Today my Dethklok radio station threw up Nirvana of all things, and when I when I hit the thumbs-down button (sorry, Nirvana fans!), it then decided to give me a Clint Mansell score. Which...I love Clint Mansell, I really do -- he's definitely among my top five favorite composers -- but, um, Clint Mansell =/= Dethklok. COME ON, PANDORA.

So. Things! I managed to waitlist my way into nutrition this quarter, so between nutrition and stats I'll be blowing over a grand in tuition, books, telecourse materials, and a calculator. I am...kind of freaking out about this, mostly because I just doubled my credit card bill over the span of a week. It's fine, of course, but still. These "welcome to adulthood, now we're taking all your money!" moments still startle me sometimes, and now I need to curl into the fetal position and huddle in the corner for a while until the feeling goes away. The nutrition materials alone ran a little over $200, which is completely fucked up. Every time I have to buy textbooks I get enraged all over again at how much money this shit costs. This quarter, the amount of money I'm spending on books and materials is equivalent to over half my goddamn tuition. For two classes! Just two! How is that even fucking fair?!

Anyway. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I'm only shelling out about $1000 this quarter instead of, oh, $20,000 or thereabouts. Swear to god, thinking about my nursing school costs makes me want to break out in hives. Big ones.

I had every intention of cracking open my textbook when I got home from work today, and instead I've been reading Metalocalypse fanfic all evening. *facepalm* I win at everything.


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