Jan. 31st, 2011

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Oh, statistics. You're kind of annoying and you're way less fun than straight-up science (or, as I like to call it, SCIENCE!!!), but everything about you makes perfect sense and I can't help but love you for it. The equations always do the same thing. Always. It's so...it's so neat! And elegant! And precise! Science is messy as anything and I absolutely love that, but the clean simplicity of math appeals to the tightly-wound part of my soul that likes to make lists and categorize everything a million times over.

Nate and I are going camping next weekend, and I am STUPIDLY EXCITED about it. We're staying in a yurt! YURT CAMPING! I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT THESE THINGS! They're like little elf houses! It's way too cold right now to go tent camping*, but the yurts in the Oregon state parks all have heat so weirdos like us can go camping in the wintertime. It's a little ridiculous how giddy I am about the prospect of camping in February. It's just. I haven't been camping in such a long time! And I've never been with Nate, so I'm just really looking forward to the whole thing.

We were originally going to camp at Tumalo, which is down near Bend, but when I talked to my mom about it she was all, "Oh honey, no" about it. Apparently, she and dad go cross-country skiing out there this time of year, because it's the high desert and there's mad snow in January and February. Uh. Whoops! So now we're going to Beverly Beach, which is down by Newport. That way, we can go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium or something even if the weather is shitty. Random shitty weather is how the Pacific Northwest rolls.

Oh my god we are totally going to make s'mores! Eeeee! *flappy hands of delight*

* Also, we don't own a tent.


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