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Hello internet, long time no see! An actual entry with actual content is a little beyond my capabilities, but [ profile] jisuk posted a "15 Year Meme" and I was like, hells yeah, I can totally do that!

My answers are exactly one day off, since I wrote it last night and then got sidetracked by trying to figure out Medicare's Plan D prescription plan for our group project meeting later today. Uggggghhhh Medicare so confusing.

15 Years Ago (July 1996):
1. My parents and I went on a seven-week camping trip in our little trailer all over the western part of the United States.
2. I was about to turn 13 in Glacier National Park, where I had apparently turned 3 ten years previous.
3. We went on a 2-day guided whitewater rafting trip, and I totally ended up getting hypothermia on day two, like, honest to god hypothermia that freaked everyone right out. What the fuck, tiny self.

10 Years Ago (July 2001):
1. The summer I graduated from high school, woo!
2. Amy, Mel and I went to the zoo as a joint me-and-Amy birthday thing, and we pretty much spent the entire day taking pictures of monkeys.
3. I had purple hair, wore a lot of Hot Topic, and was utterly obsessed with Jhonen Vasquez. Past me was quite the cliche, I tell you what.

5 Years Ago (July 2006):
1. Vancouver and Portland were in the middle of a heat wave, and I was melting.
2. I loathed my job at the law firm. So much. SO. MUCH.
3. One of our ratties got sick and we had to put him down at the end of the month. Poor little boy. :(

3 Years Ago (July 2008):
1. I had just started my nursing school prerequisites (the exact class was Psychology through the Lifespan, I believe).
2. I was living in Northwest Portland and still loathed my job at the law firm, but then I up and got a better job a few months later and it was awesome.
3. Nate and I had been dating for just about six months. I think I was still in the "giddy disbelief" stage of our relationship. <3

1 Year Ago (July 2010):
1. We'd just closed on THE HOUSE the previous month, so we had just started on the painting and reflooring and desperately hoped we'd get everything done in time to move at the end of August.
2. I'd just started watching Doctor Who, and I was obsessssssed wih it. And rightly so! It's awesome!
3. Also, I guess I was baking a lot of cupcakes? I was taking a break from school and we were mostly focused on THE HOUSE, so my memory of that month is a little spotty.

1. I reread the chapter on nonopioid analgesics and then quietly flipped my shit because oh my god, there's so much to remember and this is just the first therapeutic class and there's already so much to know and I don't want to kill somebody, ahhhhhhhh...
2. Frankly, that went on for a little while.
3. Then I spent the rest of the night cursing all the fireworks while I tried to keep Cuddy calm. Puppy does not like fireworks.

1. I learned how to do a complete cardiovascular assessment and listen for heart sounds.
2. Nate and I had a sweet lunch at the Hedge House and then went grocery shopping. ~*DOMESTICITY!*~
3. I read the rest of the chapters for class tomorrow and started researching Medicare, Medicaid, and the Oregon Health Plan for our group project meeting tomorrow.

1. Health Promotion in the AM, Pharmacology in the PM, meeting with my project group in between.
2. Practice my integumentary, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular assessments on my guinea pig incredibly accomodating boyriend. Also, vital signs!
3. Start typing up my notes from Patho and Pharm so I can have them ready to go for my study groups on Thursday and Sunday.

In a Week:
1. Monday: online Patho quiz; forum posts on The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down due. Reading for Tuesday. Studying.
2. Wednesday: online Pharm quiz; Regulatory Railroad assignment due; Case Study #1 due; draft of the visual portion of our Health Promotions project due. Reading for Thursday/Friday. Studying.
3. Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: simulation lab - neurological assessment, head/eyes/ears/nose/throat asssessment, seminar and practice for the final head-to-toe exam. Reading for Wednesday. Studying. NATE'S BIRTHDAY.

In one month (August 2011):
1. Finals are at the end of August, so I'll be studying my ASS off.
2. I think this is also when we're doing vital signs and assessments at some multicultural health fairs and presenting our group projects to the clients at an assisted-living facility?
3. Seriously, I can't think that far ahead. Trying to figure out next week made my brain hurt.

In one year (July 2012):
1. I'll be a few weeks into my final quarter, aka "integrated clinical placement." Awww yeeee.
2. I'll also be turning 29 or whatever? Blah, birthdays.
3. I'm pretty sure I'll be studying my ass off for the NCLEX. I'm still not sure when we take that.

In five years (July 2016):
1. Nate and I will have acquired a menagerie of ridiculous animals, including (but not limited to!) another dog, a cat, several chickens, and...maybe some ducks. Nate doesn't know about the ducks.
2. I'll be in a doctorate program of some sort, either PhD or DNP. It depends on whether I want to focus on the clinical setting or research.
3. I don't know, a baby? Maybe? FIVE YEARS IS A LONG TIME FROM NOW, OKAY.

And now I must finish my toast and coffee and head off to class! Busy busy busy.


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