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So Thursday was my four-year anniversary with Nate, which I think is pretty radtastic. He bought me a blu-ray player and "Tron: Legacy," because he is MADE OF CUPCAKES AND WIN and has sort of twigged to the fact that I'm utterly obsessed with everything Tron right now. We didn't really want to stack the blu-ray on top of the 360 or the stereo, so we bought a new little entertainment stand thingy as well. It's all wood and glass and fancy and shit, serious grown-up furniture for sure. We'd made an Ikea run earlier last week and got some curtains, a rug, and a new lamp for the living room, and finally switched out the old beat-up coffee table for the pretty black lacquer one that's been hanging out in my office. With the new entertainment stand thingy in there, our living room is finally starting to look like a REAL living room, as opposed to one we cobbled together out of dorm room leftovers.

Not that it was bad like that or anything. It's just a lot prettier this way!

Now we only need a couch that we can wipe down after the dog flops all over it and a better bookshelf for all the games and movies and things, and we'll be set. Oh, and more art, but we need more art throughout the entire house. Stuff on the walls = good times.

Seriously, I can't believe we're at four years already. We have a house and a dog together, for fuck's sake. That is hella domestic right there, and I feel kind of deliriously happy whenever I think about it.
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*flail*  Manowar is finally coming to play in North America, but they're only playing one show.  In Cleveland.  The weekend before one of my midterms.  


In other news, the cold I had over the weekend is lingering like a mofo and apparently one of my coworkers is annoyed by my cough.  I want to be all, "Gee, sorry you're so inconvenienced by my malfunctioning lungs, next time I just WON'T GET SICK," but instead I just get all emo and grouchy and try to hold it in because I hate being That Annoying Sick Person.  Even though I'm not sick anymore!  It's just that my lungs are stupid.  :(

I am writing and posting this on the bus to work, just because I can. Whee!
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ZomBcon 2010, Seattle, Halloween weekend





I can't believe I only just found out about this. AND I CALL MYSELF A ZOMBIE FAN.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 05:26 pm
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I finally watched Ravenous last night , and oh my GOD, what a deliciously twisted and fucked-up movie that was! I'm definitely adding it to the "must own" list, because...damn.

(There are spoilers below, including spoilers for the ending. The movie is over ten years old at this point and I learned some of the information below just by reading the back of the DVD box, so...yeah)

I wasn't expecting it to be as smart as it was, I guess. I'm pretty sure it's considered a cult classic at this point, so I had a vague idea of what to expect re: gore and black humor and whatnot, and I had fairly high expectations of the acting given some of the names involved, but I definitely wasn't expecting this dark little historical horror film to compare cannibalism to Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion of the United States, nor was I expecting such a comparison to work so fucking well. And it's so blatant, that's what I can't get over! The film all but says outright that the United States is a wendigo. It takes and takes and never gives, it grows strong by glutting itself on the blood of men, it's always hungry...and its hunger is savage. I mean. This is set up from the very first scene, where shots of Boyd in the Mexican-American war are intercut with shots of soldiers gorging themselves on bloody steaks. COME ON, NOW.

Most of the time, Really Obvious Symbolism annoys the shit out of me, because it's like the director isn't sure the audience will get it and so they beat them over the head with it, but I thought it worked beautifully in Ravenous. The tight focus on Boyd and Ives/Coulquhoun definitely helped -- broaden the scope too much, and the movie suddenly becomes About America in a really obvious and annoying way. Instead, they were able to make the story about America through these characters, both of whom have their own wants and desires and fears and needs and arcs. The entire movie felt kind of like an extraordinarily fucked-up love story (seriously, the whole second half is basically Ives trying to seduce Boyd, although to what degree the film leaves up to the viewer), and so the ending felt perfect to me given what we'd seen of Boyd's character thus far. Just as in the beginning of the film, Boyd exhibits bravery in cowardice -- he knows he's not strong enough to fight his desires, and so he's not going to try. Instead, he takes himself out and then takes Ives with him, and in this final act -- and in his final refusal to eat Ives when they're locked together in the beartrap -- he finally finds redemption.

(There's something delightfully subversive about that, actually. The film made a point of talking about transubstantiation several times before, and Ives even uses the argument that this symbolic act of religious cannibalism justifies what he's doing and what he's become. For the film to link Catholicism and wendigo myths is subversive enough, but I LOVE that it goes one step further and allows Boyd to find redemption in his rejection of cannibalism even though he and the audience both know human flesh and blood would heal him and save his life. SO AWESOME.)

Haha, oh god, how pretentious do I sound right now? *facepalm* Seriously, though, how did it take me this long to see this? This movie is so far up my alley that it should be arrested for trespassing and loitering.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:34 pm
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It's weird -- I didn't do anything productive at all yesterday (unless you consider baking cupcakes productive, I guess), and yet I still feel completely stressed-out and overwhelmed. I suspect the impending move is responsible for most of it, because I haven't even started packing and it's happening this month. THIS MONTH. And I have so much shit left to do that I am thisclose to having a giant panicky meltdown, because giant panicky meltdowns are just how I roll.

I mean. We have to finish painting the kitchen, prep the third bedroom for painting, paint the third bedroom, measure all the rooms for the reflooring, pick a floor and buy the damn thing, and then either refloor ourselves or hire someone to do it for us, AND, while all of this is going on, start packing up shit at the current place so that moving can happen in a timely and expedient fashion. And I have to do all of this while putting in my 40 hours a week for a job that's become a massive headache and a half, studying for my current class, and getting my shit together for my OHSU application in September.

Plus the usual business of grocery shopping and cooking and whatnot, although I feel sort of silly counting those as stressful. It's just that I've been a vegetarian for two months and I've been making a concerted effort to eat vegan, and sometimes the thought of fixing a healthy veg meal is just one thing too many and I'm all, "FUCK IT, I AM EATING CARROTS AND FLATBREAD AND HUMMUS, FOREVER."

Or I freak out and bake cupcakes, whatever seems like a good idea at the time. I don't really know how my brain works when it comes to these things.

Worst of all, I'm starting to really worry about Ivan. He's still as loud and affectionate as ever, and he's still eating, but he's also throwing up a lot and shedding way more than he should be and he's losing weight again, and the tumor has gotten much larger. Thinking about what this could mean makes my heart hurt, so...that's all I'm going to say about it right now.
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I have now made it through two seasons of revived!Who, and a few episodes of old!Who from the Tom Baker era (thanks for the rec, [livejournal.com profile] chaosraven!), and I have come to realize a few things. First, Nine is still my favorite Doctor. I mean, the Fourth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor are both fabulous as well, don't get me wrong -- at this point, I have a feeling I will adore most of them, because they're all The Doctor, you know? -- but Nine is just so angry and lonely and sad, gah. Cutting for some first seasons spoilers, just in case )

Oh, and that's the second thing about this show! It makes me cry all the damn time! Like, every third episode or so. It's ridiculous. And then there are the finales, which -- while I've only seen two as of yet -- pretty much reduce me to outright sobbing, because I am a PANSY. Nate called me last night during the last ten minutes or so of the second season finale, and this was pretty much our entire conversation:

Nate: Hey, I'm still in Seattle but I think we're heading home soon. How's it going?
Me: I am watching a Doctor Who finale and I AM CRYING.
Nate: Haha, awwwwwww.
Nate: You have to admit, it's kind of awesome that it affects you that much.

And then after we hung up, I went back to watching the finale and was instantly reduced to a blubbering mess with only my cat there to comfort me. Haha, poor Ivan. I bawled all over him. Are later seasons like this too, with the "we will make you cry every other episode, MUAHAHAHAHA!" thing? Because it's kind of embarrassing.

I've also discovered that the show regularly and consistently scares the bejeesus out of me, although I suppose that's not too bad considering that the older show traumatized generations of children in spite of the truly amazing special effects (heeeeeeee!). I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the writers just sat around making lists of High-Octane Nightmare Fuel and then tried to see how much they could fit into a single episode before the BBC was like, "Oh for fuck's sake, we are NOT airing that". I'm dreading the episode with the Weeping Angels, because I have heard things. They have not been comforting things.

Oh, and I've pretty much resigned myself to knitting the Fourth Doctor's scarf, but now I have to decide which one I want. I'm probably going to go with the first one, the one he's wearing in "Robots", but I don't knooooooow. Decisions!


Jun. 25th, 2010 11:26 am
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The real estate agent left us a key to use until the locks are changed and such, and let me tell you, it was SURREAL to walk around inside going, "So...this is ours now." No more landlord, no more roommates, no more up and moving every year, no more lease agreements. We've got a home now, one that's real and solid and permanent, and I don't know if I can really express just how big and important this is for me. I can't wait to get my hands dirty with this house, to paint the walls and redo the floors, to plan -- and plant -- my garden. To really and truly settle in with Nate, whom I adore beyond all reason.

Rainbows and cupcakes, y'all. I am really feeling the rainbows and cupcakes today.
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Oh my god, good things are FINALLY HAPPENING. First, it looks like the closing is actually going to go down today. WE MIGHT HAVE A HOUSE BY THE END OF THE DAY WTF WTF WTF :D:D:D:D:D:D. The bank didn't have all their paperwork done last week, so Nate had to file another extension, but this week...this week money is being moved around and papers are being signed and Nate's going out to the title place this morning and! And! House! Of our own! Finally!

In other good news, Nate's getting promoted to banquet sous chef, which is a REALLY BIG DEAL -- banquets bring in a lot of their revenue, a LOT, and being the banquet sous is a big responsibility. But they're confident he can handle it, and I know he can handle it (on account of his being awesome and all), so the whole thing is pretty exciting. Not only will he be making more money, but his schedule will be more flexible AND I'll actually get to see him in the evenings again. Like, earlier than midnight! THIS IS VERY COOL.

Also, I got an A in A&P III, but that's noteworthy only because I knew -- based on the points and my test scores -- that I wasn't going to. But she apparently decided to curve the final scores, so...yay? I didn't think she was going to for a while there, but when your entire class can't seem to score higher than an 83% on every goddamn test and/or quiz, that's probably a sign that something is wrong with the way you're teaching. In class, she would say things like, "I just don't understand why this keeps happening. Not ONE of you broke the curve this time either, and it just doesn't make any sense!" *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* No one broke the curve because your tests were badly written and you teach in a confusing way! Why do you think this keeps happening?! Gahhhhhhhhhhh.

But...it's over and she curved the final scores and I still have my 4.0, so I still have a shot of getting into OHSU when I apply this fall. Hooray!

To recap:
Today might be the day for the house.
Nate got a totally awesome radcakes promotion.
My grades are still on track.

Good things, yep yep.


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