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As far as I can tell, Nate and I seem to be good again, which I'm oh-so dorkily happy about. After the weirdness of Thursday night, I resolved that I was going to wait a day to email him... )

On a more irritating note, I went to the dentist Friday morning so I could finally get my wisdom teeth looked at, and...yeah, those suckers need to come out. In fact, they're fucked up enough that they kept calling everyone else in the office over to look at my films. *facepalms* Stupid teeth. YOU FAIL. The dentist took one look, and said, "Are you having headaches?"

A little shocked by the question, I admitted that yes, actually, I was -- they'd be constant for a horrible month or so, die down, and then come back again. He explained that it was probably because of my wisdom teeth -- they're completely perpendicular to my other teeth, and so they're pushing against the roots of my molars instead of coming up. Normally, this would force my other teeth to move around and completely fuck up my mouth, but I have a permanent retainer and so nothing can move anywhere. So during those periods when my body is trying to force my wisdom teeth out? The pressure just builds in my jaw and I get headaches. Apparently, this will continue until they perform surgery and yank said teeth from my head. AWESOME.

I suppose it's worth pointing out that I'm absolutely terrified of surgery, and I'm honestly not sure which frightens me more: the thought of being passed out while they cut my head open and extract my lame sideways teeth, or the thought of being awake for it. *shudders*
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Whew! Home! I did the dinner and Oscars and laundry thing over at my parents' tonight, which was awesome of them. Our new deal is that if I buy the laundry supplies and make dinner for them every once in a while, then I can do laundry (free! free laundry!) over there whenever I want. My parents = ♥!

Earlier this afternoon, I did coffee and Powell's with Sean, who was the first guy I'd started talking with. The one with the kids? He's awesome and sweet and crazy-intelligent, and I liked him enormously, but...I'm not remotely attracted to him. I always feel guilty when that happens, although I don't know why. It's not like I can help it. Anyway. It ended on a pleasant enough note. He told me to call him if I ever want to hang out more, so...I don't know. I'd never want to be anything more than friends with him, so maybe it's best to just leave things at that.

On a slightly more weird note, I think the barista guy at the place we got coffee was flirting with me. He even made a smiley face out of chocolate in the bottom of my mocha, which -- while adorable and flattering as hell -- was also kind of awkward considering that I was there on a date with someone else. XD WTF, Portland.

So! I know a few of you asked how things went with Nate the nerdy accordion-playing chef last night, so here are all of the wonderfully awkward details. )
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Things that the guys of Portland are apparently into: Cthulhu, girls who express opinions on certain punctuation marks (Oxford comma for the win!), and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Who knew?

Seriously, this whole thing is reminding me of why I'm a total recluse and terrified of people. I thought maybe one or two people at most would reply; instead, it's...a lot more than that. I don't know. I really didn't expect this. I'm getting coffee with one guy tonight, and then I have lunch and Powell's with the first guy tomorrow, and it's all very weird and strange and I kind of have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Nerdy Portland boys are adorable, though. They're like puppies. I want to gather all of them up in a box and keep them in my apartment so I can pet them and watch zombie movies all day.

Blah blah more about BOYS )

I promise I'll start writing about things other than my stupid love life soon. It's just the only remotely interesting thing going on for me right now. Heh.

[4:00 PM EDIT]: I'm leaving in half an hour, and I'm terrified. Excited, and terrified. I really hope he likes me.


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