Jan. 16th, 2008 08:56 pm
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So...that Vicodin stuff. )

Okay. Enough of that.

Lately, the firm has been sending me out to these little technology seminars being given at various other law firms around town. I'm not sure why I'm the person they decided to start sending to these things, but I'm certainly not complaining. It gets me out of the office for one to three hours, I'm learning some interesting things about hardware and software trends, and I get to write memos about the seminars when I get back.

Memos! MEMOS! :D

I realize my genuine delight in memo-writing unequivocally labels me the dorkiest dork in Dorksville, but honestly...I'm the kind of person who loves to take notes, and I'm the kind of person who loves making lists. These memos? Are my notes distilled into list form. FUCKING A. I LOVE THAT SHIT. I can geek out to my heart's content and gleefully blather on about how hardware/software use differs depending on the firm size, and I can look at how change theory affects things, and examine the potential impact on our firm, and while there are only two people here who honestly give a shit...they're the ones sending me to these seminars. So. It all works out!

rant time

Jan. 15th, 2008 08:42 am
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I'm sick of these fucking headaches. They're not migraines, exactly, but whatever they are is nasty business, and they're getting worse. Normally, when I start getting headaches like this it's a sign that my system is starting to freak out over whatever medication I'm on, but all I'm taking right now is the stuff for my thyroid, which I've been on since I was 18. Either that's not working anymore, or there's something else wrong. Ugh. I'm done. Urgency care opens in a half-hour and I'll be there when it does, because I'm tired of this and either want them to tell me what the hell is wrong, or give me something to make it stop.

I've got my monitor settings turned down to their lowest possible degree so I can look up directions to the clinic. I'm currently in the "light, pain!" stage of things. God fucking dammit. Me and my stupid, defective head.

EDIT: Well, we've established that there's nothing neurologically wrong, so that's always good. :| Unfortunately, there are a bajillion types of headaches and they don't entirely understand how they all work, so now I'm back home with a bottle of vicodin (with which I am not to operate heavy machinery) and hoping like hell that it'll work. I've got another appointment next week, so...yay?
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The headache opted to stick around another day, but it's not nearly as bad -- tylenol seems to affect it now, and I was actually able to do stuff today, as opposed to the laying around and feeling sorry for myself I did yesterday. The vast majority of my day was spent reading and watching movies, and then I dinked around with my tablet for a while, trying (and failing!) to remember how I used to color things in Photoshop. Man alive, am I rusty. XD I'm finally getting the hang of sketching in the computer again, so I figure the other stuff will come with time. I hope. Heh.

As for right now, I think I'm going to write -- I joined [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 a few days ago, which is a wonderful little community that I totally recommend for anyone working on a book at the moment -- and after that, I'll...I don't know. Read, probably. Watch old South Park episodes online.

Hee, my life is so boring. So wonderfully, peacefully boring. *happy sigh*

Haha. Apparently, I've turned into Rincewind. Go me. XD


Jan. 4th, 2008 04:08 pm
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Blergh. Sick yesterday, sick today...at least I've got the weekend coming up, so I won't be missing more than two days of work, but it still sucks that I've spent the last two days curled up in a miserable ball of sinus pain and achiness. And the headache, my god, the headache. Headaches are my Achilles' heel. We hates them, precious.

It's probably a good thing I live alone. You know how some people get really whiny when they're sick, and some people just get pissed off? I'm the second sort. I get really, irrationally angry about inconsequential things, like my tea not cooling down fast enough or the fact that my head feels like it's trapped in a vise. I've spent most of the day fitfully napping with a cold washcloth draped over my eyes, but the construction noise across the street eventually got too obnoxious and I figured I might as well just stay up for good.

My lights are making an incredibly annoying, high-pitched sound, and that's pissing me off too. Apparently, I'm just a fount of boundless, headache-y rage today. Yayyyyyy.


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