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I got to tag along to Nate's D&D game last night, which was even more geeky and awesome than I could've possibly imagined. He was worried that I was bored out of my skull the whole time, since after a certain point in the evening I could barely keep my eyes open, but that's the sort of thing that happens when I sleep horribly (for some reason, I don't think I got more than thirty consecutive minutes of sleep all night on Monday -- I kept jerking awake in a disoriented panic, and then it would take me a while to fall back asleep again) and have to wake up before 6:00 am. At first, he thought I was using the "I wasn't bored, I was tired!" thing as a way to avoid telling him I hadn't enjoyed myself, but after we got back to his place and I literally fell asleep in the middle of our conversation, I think he was more inclined to believe me. Heh.

It was the weirdest thing. Before I slide into a really deep sleep, I hear what's going on around me and can even carry on conversations (which is something I find profoundly unnerving, actually -- I hate that I talk in my sleep), although they tend to be fairly incoherent conversations full of non sequiturs. Last night, I zonked out while we were discussing character classes, and I blearily asked him if he'd seen The Life Aquatic, and if so, did he like it? At his confused, "Hang on, what?", I jerked awake and stared at him, completely disoriented.

"You mean we weren't just talking about Steve Zissou?"

"Uhhh...no, not so much."

"Oh." And then, feeling a bit lost, I just sort of blinked at him until he started laughing and declared that he was putting me to bed, because apparently I hadn't been kidding about that "really freakin' exhausted" thing. I think I passed out less than a minute after my head hit the pillow. Lucky for me, he found the whole thing endearing as opposed to weird, so thank goodness for that.

Anyway. There's a possibility that I might get to actually join the game, which I think is completely and utterly awesome. I haven't played a tabletop RPG since the Shadowrun group I was in fell apart after my freshman year of college. We'd kept it going for a good year, but we'd started the summer we graduated and it got harder and harder for us to meet up back in Vancouver to play, and eventually we just had to let the whole thing go. But it was fun, that's the main thing I remember, and Nate's group seems pretty great. They were all cool with me being there, which was nice, and I like the overall mix of characters, combat, adventuring, and roleplay.

Hooray! Yet another thing to be nerdy with him about!

Seriously, it's awesome dating a geek. We've had conversations about Kingdom of Loathing that have lasted HOURS. *happy sigh*
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I feel rather off today, and I'm not sure why. Normally, I'm in a really good mood the day after I spend the night at Nate's -- I always sleep well there, and I heartily approve of Nate's overall "sleeping curled up together like cats" policy -- but today I just feel kind of tired and grouchy and unfocused, and I don't want to work at ALL.

Some of this, I think, is the weather. It's cold still. Really, really fucking cold. And as much as I like chilly weather and rain, I'm starting to get incredibly sick of it...especially since it's almost freakin' May. This is the point in the year where I want to be wearing t-shirts and lightweight hoodies, sneakers, that sort of thing. Instead, it's still peacoats and scarves and heavy-duty winter socks. Blargh. Annoying.

My job also annoys the hell out of me, but nothing new there. Basically, I think I'm just pissy because I had to march through the rain and the cold to a job I don't like, and I didn't have time to do my own coffee so I'm stuck drinking the swill here at work. Taken singly, each of these might not be so bad, but combined? Perfect storm of low-level crankiness.

Also, I have to do groceries tonight, and that's never something I look forward to.

Eh, I should probably just allow myself to be grouchy for a while. It's been ages since I've had a randomly pissy day, and in terms of the big picture, everything is going well. Nate and I are probably going to the beach this weekend, whether the weather cooperates with us or not (Northwest beaches are awesome in the rain anyway, although I'm the sort of person who always pushes it with wave-dodging and ends up soaked to the knees when the inevitable misjudging occurs); I got my notice of admissions from Clark, which means I can fill out my FAFSA form, apply for the border county waiver, and -- come May 8 -- register for my class; I got the CNA course brochure from PCC and I think fall or winter might end up looking good for getting my certification; the attorneys got giant food and wine gift baskets for the staff yesterday, so now I'm up to my eyeballs in cheese, truffles, and alcohol; and I think I might bake bread this Sunday, just for the hell of it.

Not too bad, really, all things considered. Now if only I could be home with a book instead of here at work...
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So hey, guess what? I'm in love with a boy, and I'm totally going to apply to nursing school.

I know those two things don't have anything to do with each other, but I figure that I might as well get two sweeping pronouncements out of the way for the price of one. So...there you go. In love with a boy, nursing school. Whee!

The Nate thing will probably get its own post, once I stop freaking out enough to write about it. He doesn't know, thank Christ, so it's mostly just a matter of me having a complete mental spaz-out on account of I didn't expect it to happen so soon. But, like I said -- that gets its own post.

Nursing school, though. I'm cool with writing about that now. It probably seems a little out-of-the-blue, but I've been thinking a lot about school and jobs and careers a lot lately, and I've come to realize that I want an actual, honest-to-God career. Becoming a published author still is and always will be my ultimate goal, but I want to have something to do in the meantime. I thought I could make do with office jobs, but...no. Not happening. The longer I work in an office, the more I realize how much I dislike it. I have no passion for it. There's no security in it. I'm an easily replaceable little robot, and the thought of spending the next five, ten, fifteen years as an office monkey makes me want to fall apart.

So...why nursing school, exactly? )
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I'm still home sick, which is something I'm sure my coworkers are pissed off about. Although, considering they were the ones who gave me this stupid cold in the first place, I don't really care. I've had so much lemon tea with honey in it in the past 48 hours that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be bleeding the stuff soon. That, and Theraflu for colds. God bless the over-the-counter drug industry, that's all I have to say.

The Theraflu was courtesy of Nate, along with some throat lozenges, herbal tab thingies to help with sinus pain, fresh orange juice, and stuff for grilled cheese sandwiches, all of which he brought over last night. I'm still in a mild state of shock over this. The boy went to the grocery store, bought me all this stuff, and then biked across town so he could make me dinner and pet my hair even though I was all grouchy. And I was so charmed and astonished by this that I didn't have it in me to be cranky. Cranky at the cold, yes; cranky at him, not so much. I mean, when I blearily thanked him for coming over and being awesome, his response was to thank me for letting him come over, because he missed me and wanted me to feel better.

It's...it's like he's from another planet, the kind where they construct boys out of scruffiness and puppies and rainbows! And in Nate's case, they must've added extra puppies, because I really don't know how to explain him otherwise. He offered to come over tonight as well, but I'm feeling kind of icky and antisocial, and...he was okay with that. He understood. And I know I keep boggling about things that most people take for granted in relationships, but this kind of thing just makes me feel really good.

Puppies and rainbows, I'm telling you. Puppies and rainbows.

Anyway, the jury's still out on whether I'm going in tomorrow or not. On one hand, I'm hacking my lungs out, which is unpleasant both for me and everyone in my immediate vicinity. On the other hand, I'm going to get a bit stir-crazy if I stay home again. Decisions, decisions...
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Argh, I think I'm getting sick. I felt like crap when I woke up this morning, but since everything is blooming now, I thought it might be allergies. Unfortunately, the longer I'm up, the worse I feel...and there was a nasty little death plague going around the office towards the end of last week. I suspect that's what I've ended up with.

What sucks is that tonight I'm getting together with a Portland writer I met a little while ago, along with a few of her friends -- they wanted to talk about setting up a writer's group, which is something I've been dying to be involved in for ages. We're doing dinner and going to one of the Willamette Writer's Guild talks, and I plan to go no matter how shitty I feel, but it still stinks that this thing I've been looking forward to for weeks is now going to be slightly less awesome, because all my body wants to do is collapse and go to sleep.

Also, I'm supposed to get together with Nate tomorrow, and I don't think we're at the stage of our relationship where it's a good idea for him to see me when I'm sick. I don't want him to catch it, for one thing, but I'm also just not a pleasant person when I'm ill. At all. )
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Easter was fun. I did the family thing with my parents and decorated eggs, which is something I haven't done since I was, I don't know, nine. Apparently, some part of me is still nine, because decorating eggs is fucking awesome.

Me: Woo, check this out! Two colors on this sucker! Yeah!
Parents: ...how old are you again?

In other news, I still love dinosaurs and coloring books, and I can't help but giggle hysterically anytime someone says the word "penis". BECAUSE I'M NINE.

Heh, anyway. I'm mildly bummed out that I didn't get a chance to talk to Nate at all yesterday, since his goofy schedule means I probably won't be able to hang out with him until tomorrow or so. On the plus side, though, the whole "several days interlude" thing means it's always really awesome when I do get to see him, which is how I imagine my cat Ivan feels every day when I get home from work. Because...eight hours is like three days in cat time? I don't know. I suspect he spends most of the day sleeping anyway, so perhaps the whole thing is just an act so I'll give him belly rubs when I get in.

Sneaky beast.
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Squishiness. ♥♥♥ )

On the work front, things have improved IMMENSELY. They're still insane, of course, but that's par for the course. No, the incredible thing is that they did something I never thought they'd do: they fired my nemesis.

I've written about her a few times -- she was the assistant of one of the partners, and was absolutely impossible to work with. Impossible. She treated the paralegals like they were monkeys, refused to communicate essential information to us, berated us when something wasn't done according to her exact specifications (see: refused to communicate essential information to us *eyeroll*), actively tried to undermine projects we were working on so that she would look good in comparison...the list goes on. She was awful and almost none of us could work with her, but she seemed to have immunity because she was a partner's assistant.

Apparently, that wasn't quite enough. Heh. I know I should feel a little guilty for exulting so much over another person being fired, but...damn, you guys, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that she's gone. I was the only paralegal left who could sort of work with her (she'd burned the other two enough that they point-blank refused), and she was making my life miserable. Maybe I'll be able to stick this place out a little longer yet.

And on a book/movie note: I just finished Water for Elephants today and LOVED it, I'm halfway through Into the Wild now and find it fascinating, and I've been on a total geek-umentary fix when it comes to movies -- The King of Kong (EXCELLENT!), Monster Camp (hilarious and kind of sad), and Darkon (AWESOME). I think I'm going to have to write a more in-depth post about the latter two, actually, because...documentaries about LARP-ing? Are way more entertaining and compelling than the subject matter would have you believe. This stuff is golden.
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As far as I can tell, Nate and I seem to be good again, which I'm oh-so dorkily happy about. After the weirdness of Thursday night, I resolved that I was going to wait a day to email him... )

On a more irritating note, I went to the dentist Friday morning so I could finally get my wisdom teeth looked at, and...yeah, those suckers need to come out. In fact, they're fucked up enough that they kept calling everyone else in the office over to look at my films. *facepalms* Stupid teeth. YOU FAIL. The dentist took one look, and said, "Are you having headaches?"

A little shocked by the question, I admitted that yes, actually, I was -- they'd be constant for a horrible month or so, die down, and then come back again. He explained that it was probably because of my wisdom teeth -- they're completely perpendicular to my other teeth, and so they're pushing against the roots of my molars instead of coming up. Normally, this would force my other teeth to move around and completely fuck up my mouth, but I have a permanent retainer and so nothing can move anywhere. So during those periods when my body is trying to force my wisdom teeth out? The pressure just builds in my jaw and I get headaches. Apparently, this will continue until they perform surgery and yank said teeth from my head. AWESOME.

I suppose it's worth pointing out that I'm absolutely terrified of surgery, and I'm honestly not sure which frightens me more: the thought of being passed out while they cut my head open and extract my lame sideways teeth, or the thought of being awake for it. *shudders*
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You know, aside from those few times when I was completely without internet access, I think this is the longest I've gone without posting. Weird! And probably unimportant!

Heh, I don't know. Work's been running me ragged lately, and the time change threw me off even more. I caught myself staring at the clock yesterday, trying to figure out what the numbers 2:35 actually meant. Obviously, they meant something, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was. Two? Thirty-five? What? It was like trying to read binary. I'm sure I didn't help matters by staying out until four in the morning, but that's just Tuesdays. One of these days, I'm just going to say "fuck it" and schedule a personal day for Wednesday so I can just spend the night at Nate's and sleep in until eleven the next day (he works the brunch line Saturdays and Sundays, so his "weekend" is Tuesday and Wednesday...it's a little crazy, but we seem to be making it work).

Our relationship at the moment is one of those strange, ambiguous things where it's not entirely clear what we are and I don't know whether I should think of him as a boyfriend or not. It's not that the ambiguity bothers me -- to my immense surprise, I'm actually okay with it -- but I have to call him something when I talk about him to people, and lately I've been referring to him mostly as "Nate, this guy I'm dating." For some reason, this seems to confuse everyone. The "I'm dating someone" thing seems to shock them just as much as the "I'm dating a GUY" thing, so...I don't know. Maybe I just come off as really introverted and asexual to everyone? I have no idea!

And really, it's not that big a deal. I'm 99.99% certain that he's not seeing anyone besides me and he seems to genuinely enjoy my company, so that's really the important thing right there. Everything else will work itself out in time. *nod*

For your general amusement, have some brain-breaking conversations I overheard in the lunchroom yesterday )
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Boy howdy, was I out of it today. I was at Nate's until, um, really early in the morning, which would've been fine but for the fact that I had to wake up again at six. Two hours of sleep? Do not a productive Kathleen make. Haha, whoops. Luckily, things at work were pretty low-key -- abnormally so, actually, but I'm not complaining -- and I spent a good portion of my day on projects that didn't require me to use my brain. I never thought I'd be so happy to spend most of my day on labeling.

All things considered, I timed my sleep deprivation perfectly -- yesterday was hopelessly fucked up and busy, and tomorrow's going to be nuts because we're going live with our new electronic document management system, but today was niiiice and easy in a way I probably won't see for ages...at least, not until the assistants figure out the EDMS. *snort* I work with Luddites, I swear. If some of them had their way, we'd probably still be using the fucking abacus.

No, really, I'm serious. One of the assistants on the third floor got upset when the typewriter they use upstairs for filling out checks broke and they had to come downstairs to use our second floor one. And the reason she was upset?

The second floor typewriter has too many advanced features.

It's an electric typewriter. It stays plugged in all the time. All you have to do is feed the document in and TYPE, but no, this was too ADVANCED. I'm not ashamed to admit that my brain broke a little at that, because that was one of the stupidest fucking things I'd ever heard in my entire life. Advanced. Pfffft!

And now for the requisite Nate spazzing, just because I can. )


Mar. 4th, 2008 11:24 am
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The universe has a really horrible sense of humor. Apparently, things can go well in my personal life or things can go well at work, but both at the same time would knock something crucial off balance and that is Not Allowed. When part of your day involves getting bitched out for following an official company procedure because it apparently doesn't apply to this one case? Yeah. Awesome.

Also, my desk looks like a filing cabinet threw up all over it. When I have messy piles of paper because they're organized that way according to my own obscure and incredibly specific mental process? That's fine. When I have messy piles of paper because I'm running out of room to put stuff and people keep fucking with it when I'm away from my desk and everything gets all screwed up because it wasn't added according to my own obscure and incredibly specific mental process? FAIL.

Stupid work. At least I'm going over to Nate's tonight. That helps make this bugfuckery bearable. :P


Mar. 3rd, 2008 01:16 am
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Yeah, so Nate's a really good kisser.

Also, Into the Wild is an incredibly sad movie and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the way Sean Penn romanticized the kid's death, and I really don't love the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow -- er, this morning -- but mostly I'm in full-on happy!dork mode because there was kissing and it was awesome and I like this guy so freaking much.


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Today's turning out to be a pretty good day. It's cake day, for one thing. I fucking love cake day, because the cake on cake day is free, and free cake -- especially free and delicious cake -- trumps just about everything. Mmm. Cake.

Also, I'm going over to Nate's tonight to watch the first Hellraiser movie, and while I still can't figure out if this is technically a date (I couldn't really figure out if Saturday was either), I'm sticking to my prior assertion that I'd be happy with him as a friend and not necessarily anything more. I'd PREFER the something more, true, but we'll see how it goes. As per usual, I'm excited and anxious to the point of vague nausea, although I get anxious to the point of vague nausea over plenty of non-date-related things as well and I can only hope it's something I'll grow out of eventually.

On the "not so great" front, I just found out I'm going to have to sink another two hundred dollars into my car. The dash lights and electrical systems have gone a little wonky, so...bye-bye, two hundred dollars. *sigh* It would be nine hundred if I fixed the stuff currently wrong with the transmission, but they said I might still get another two years out of her if I decided to leave things the way they were, so that's what I'm going with. She's sixteen years old -- at this point, I don't think repairing the transmission is going to do much good when everything else is falling apart.

Still, it kind of sucks. My family's owned this car since new, and I've definitely developed a soft spot for her. Also, I can't afford to buy a new one, so it's no more car for me when she finally does decide to call it quits.
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Whew! Home! I did the dinner and Oscars and laundry thing over at my parents' tonight, which was awesome of them. Our new deal is that if I buy the laundry supplies and make dinner for them every once in a while, then I can do laundry (free! free laundry!) over there whenever I want. My parents = ♥!

Earlier this afternoon, I did coffee and Powell's with Sean, who was the first guy I'd started talking with. The one with the kids? He's awesome and sweet and crazy-intelligent, and I liked him enormously, but...I'm not remotely attracted to him. I always feel guilty when that happens, although I don't know why. It's not like I can help it. Anyway. It ended on a pleasant enough note. He told me to call him if I ever want to hang out more, so...I don't know. I'd never want to be anything more than friends with him, so maybe it's best to just leave things at that.

On a slightly more weird note, I think the barista guy at the place we got coffee was flirting with me. He even made a smiley face out of chocolate in the bottom of my mocha, which -- while adorable and flattering as hell -- was also kind of awkward considering that I was there on a date with someone else. XD WTF, Portland.

So! I know a few of you asked how things went with Nate the nerdy accordion-playing chef last night, so here are all of the wonderfully awkward details. )
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Things that the guys of Portland are apparently into: Cthulhu, girls who express opinions on certain punctuation marks (Oxford comma for the win!), and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Who knew?

Seriously, this whole thing is reminding me of why I'm a total recluse and terrified of people. I thought maybe one or two people at most would reply; instead, it's...a lot more than that. I don't know. I really didn't expect this. I'm getting coffee with one guy tonight, and then I have lunch and Powell's with the first guy tomorrow, and it's all very weird and strange and I kind of have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Nerdy Portland boys are adorable, though. They're like puppies. I want to gather all of them up in a box and keep them in my apartment so I can pet them and watch zombie movies all day.

Blah blah more about BOYS )

I promise I'll start writing about things other than my stupid love life soon. It's just the only remotely interesting thing going on for me right now. Heh.

[4:00 PM EDIT]: I'm leaving in half an hour, and I'm terrified. Excited, and terrified. I really hope he likes me.


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