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*flail*  Manowar is finally coming to play in North America, but they're only playing one show.  In Cleveland.  The weekend before one of my midterms.  


In other news, the cold I had over the weekend is lingering like a mofo and apparently one of my coworkers is annoyed by my cough.  I want to be all, "Gee, sorry you're so inconvenienced by my malfunctioning lungs, next time I just WON'T GET SICK," but instead I just get all emo and grouchy and try to hold it in because I hate being That Annoying Sick Person.  Even though I'm not sick anymore!  It's just that my lungs are stupid.  :(

I am writing and posting this on the bus to work, just because I can. Whee!
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There is a very large beetle crawling across the ceiling, and I honestly have no idea what to do. I mean. What if it falls on me?! IT IS NOT A SMALL BEETLE.

This is actually really embarrassing. I can handle all sorts of weird gooey medical stuff these days without flinching, yet a beetle on the ceiling? Welcome to Panic City, y'all! Population: ME.

...oh my god, the beetle can fly and is now wheeling around in the room in loopy, half-drunk circles. I can't deal with large drunken insects, I really can't.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:34 pm
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It's weird -- I didn't do anything productive at all yesterday (unless you consider baking cupcakes productive, I guess), and yet I still feel completely stressed-out and overwhelmed. I suspect the impending move is responsible for most of it, because I haven't even started packing and it's happening this month. THIS MONTH. And I have so much shit left to do that I am thisclose to having a giant panicky meltdown, because giant panicky meltdowns are just how I roll.

I mean. We have to finish painting the kitchen, prep the third bedroom for painting, paint the third bedroom, measure all the rooms for the reflooring, pick a floor and buy the damn thing, and then either refloor ourselves or hire someone to do it for us, AND, while all of this is going on, start packing up shit at the current place so that moving can happen in a timely and expedient fashion. And I have to do all of this while putting in my 40 hours a week for a job that's become a massive headache and a half, studying for my current class, and getting my shit together for my OHSU application in September.

Plus the usual business of grocery shopping and cooking and whatnot, although I feel sort of silly counting those as stressful. It's just that I've been a vegetarian for two months and I've been making a concerted effort to eat vegan, and sometimes the thought of fixing a healthy veg meal is just one thing too many and I'm all, "FUCK IT, I AM EATING CARROTS AND FLATBREAD AND HUMMUS, FOREVER."

Or I freak out and bake cupcakes, whatever seems like a good idea at the time. I don't really know how my brain works when it comes to these things.

Worst of all, I'm starting to really worry about Ivan. He's still as loud and affectionate as ever, and he's still eating, but he's also throwing up a lot and shedding way more than he should be and he's losing weight again, and the tumor has gotten much larger. Thinking about what this could mean makes my heart hurt, so...that's all I'm going to say about it right now.


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