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Okay, this whole thing where it's cold and pouring out on my clinical days has got to stop. I'm going to be out and about in Oldtown all damn day; the prospect of being cold and soaking wet for five-odd hours is, ah, rather less than appealing. I can only layer so much, you know?

Plus, umbrellas aren't practical in that part of town, because it's windy and also I'd prefer to keep my hands free. Rassum frassum boo hiss booooo.

And I seem to be out of coffee! Why is the world against me today?!

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Oh my god, weather. This is just...what the hell is UP with this year, anyway? I can't remember the last time I felt comfortable with the weather and temperature, because lately it's either been excruciatingly hot, or unseasonably cold. Currently, we're stuck on the hot end of the cycle. We haaaaaaaaaaatesssssssssssssss it, precious.

Work on the house is trucking along nicely, at least. The painting is entirely finished and Nate's got about half the floor done, so we're just about there. I brought over a few boxes on Saturday and will probably shuttle more over throughout the week, so...yeah. At some point we're going to rent a U-Haul so we can start moving furniture, and that will pretty much do it. We still need to get new baseboards and install those after the floor is done, but we can do that after we're moved in if we have to. We're both more than ready to be done with this whole process so we can finally settle in and fucking RELAX. The past two months have been nothing but "work on the house work on the house work on the house (and also study!!!!!)". I need a break, and I suspect Nate needs one too. :P

And in things not related to our house or my job or stress or whatever...I made it to Episode 3 of Alan Wake before abruptly switching gears to play more Red Dead Redemption, even though I beat the game, what, last month? I suspect it's because I have to think about what I'm doing when I play Alan Wake, whereas with RDR I can work on unlocking various outfits and achievements and I don't have to pay all that much attention to what I'm doing (unless there's a JESUS CHRIST IT'S A BEAR GET IN THE CAR moment, in which case I start paying attention very quickly). I was originally just playing the open sandbox bits past the end credits, but yesterday I loaded a new game and now I'm playing back through the whole storyline again. It's weirdly relaxing, kind of like rereading a book or watching tv shows in syndication. Now that I already know what's going to happen, I can take my time and futz around all proper-like.

Ugh. Too hot. Cannot think. This is as proper an ending as this entry is going to get, I'm afraid.


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