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Yesterday was an oasis of pleasantness amidst the desert of "omg stressssssssss" that was this past week. We got up early, we discovered a lovely little breakfast place within easy walking distance AND an awesome little game store right across the street from said breakfast place, I bought a Call of Cthulhu core rulebook (just because!) and, later on, the newest Professor Layton game, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon being mildly productive and playing various videogames. We also went to Sckavone's for dinner, which was nice -- we haven't been there in ages, and although it's not within walking distance anymore, it's less than ten minutes away by car. I'm not really a fan of driving (read: I hate driving), but I guess it's okay when it's to something that close.

Honestly, that's the one thing that's lousy about our new digs: there are very few places to eat within walking distance. Rather, there are very few places where we WANT to eat that are within walking distance. There are plenty of bars and chain restaurants, of course, but I kinda got spoiled after living in NW and close-in SE. Haha, whoops. We're cooking for ourselves a lot more, which is arguably cheaper and healthier, but still. I miss Cartopia. :(((((

(Of course, the times when I miss Cartopia and Dots and the like are when it's late or I'm feeling way too lazy to do something healthy, and this is why it's probably a very good thing that we live farther away from them now. Living within easy walking distance of fried chocolate-peanut butter pie is not necessarily a good thing. Delicious, yes; good, not so much.)

...oh god, now I'm hungry. Why weren't you more filling, veggie sandwich? YOU AND YOUR AVOCADO LIED TO ME.


Sep. 1st, 2010 09:54 am
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After another week from hell, things are finally calm enough that I'm not three seconds away from total meltdown at any given moment. We made a big moving run last Sunday, I had my final last Tuesday, we made our second big moving run a week ago, and since then we'd been shuttling things over in my car and cleaning the old place as best we could (without any help from former roommate, I might add -- THANKS FOR THAT, DUDE, YOU ARE THE MOST USELESS PERSON EVER) while trying to get things set up at the new place. We still haven't had a chance to get the baseboards in, but that's okay -- most of the furniture is where we want it, we have internet again, I'm slowly getting the kitchen set up and Nate's getting his garage arranged, and the other night we put up a bunch of artwork. It feels more and more like home every day, and even the missing baseboards aren't stressing me out as badly as they were two weeks ago. Plus, as of today we are officially done with the old house AND the former roommate, and to that I can only say one thing: HUZZAH.

It feels very much like fall right now, which makes me happy. Today the weather reminded me so much of Bellingham that it left me a little stunned. There's just something about this combination of elements, the rain and damp and cold combined with warm, blustery wind that smells of the ocean. Scent and touch seem to be the senses that trigger my memory the hardest, and while walking up to Trauma Conference this morning, that marine-scented wind got me just right and it was like...boom. Eighteen again, a homesick little pseudo-gothlet with purple hair and humongous boots and a Jhonen Vasquez obsession, lugging my books across the bricks of Red Square to buy a mocha before class, Invader Zim lunchbox purse banging against my hip.

I figured I should cut this, just in case. Potentially triggering for depression and suicidal ideation. )
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Oh my god, weather. This is just...what the hell is UP with this year, anyway? I can't remember the last time I felt comfortable with the weather and temperature, because lately it's either been excruciatingly hot, or unseasonably cold. Currently, we're stuck on the hot end of the cycle. We haaaaaaaaaaatesssssssssssssss it, precious.

Work on the house is trucking along nicely, at least. The painting is entirely finished and Nate's got about half the floor done, so we're just about there. I brought over a few boxes on Saturday and will probably shuttle more over throughout the week, so...yeah. At some point we're going to rent a U-Haul so we can start moving furniture, and that will pretty much do it. We still need to get new baseboards and install those after the floor is done, but we can do that after we're moved in if we have to. We're both more than ready to be done with this whole process so we can finally settle in and fucking RELAX. The past two months have been nothing but "work on the house work on the house work on the house (and also study!!!!!)". I need a break, and I suspect Nate needs one too. :P

And in things not related to our house or my job or stress or whatever...I made it to Episode 3 of Alan Wake before abruptly switching gears to play more Red Dead Redemption, even though I beat the game, what, last month? I suspect it's because I have to think about what I'm doing when I play Alan Wake, whereas with RDR I can work on unlocking various outfits and achievements and I don't have to pay all that much attention to what I'm doing (unless there's a JESUS CHRIST IT'S A BEAR GET IN THE CAR moment, in which case I start paying attention very quickly). I was originally just playing the open sandbox bits past the end credits, but yesterday I loaded a new game and now I'm playing back through the whole storyline again. It's weirdly relaxing, kind of like rereading a book or watching tv shows in syndication. Now that I already know what's going to happen, I can take my time and futz around all proper-like.

Ugh. Too hot. Cannot think. This is as proper an ending as this entry is going to get, I'm afraid.
Oh my god. I just discovered that The Flight of Dragons is out on DVD. AND AMAZON IS BUNDLING IT WITH THE LAST UNICORN ajdsnjfdnjskjd my childhoooooooooooood!!!!

I know my birthday is only in two weeks or whatever, but I am totally ordering this. The Flight of Dragons was my hands-down favorite movie when I was a kid. It had everything! Dragons! Magic! Talking wolves! Knights! Badass archer ladies! Science! Wizards! DRAGONS! This was back in the pre-interweb days ([/geezer]) and our local video store didn't have any copies available to buy, so I just pestered my parents into renting it for me over and over again to the point where the store was like, "Look, kid, other children want to watch this too. YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK." And I was sad, because I didn't want to. Haha, poor tiny self. Now they just need to get Animalympics and the Unico movies onto DVD already, and I can happily roll around in childhood nostalgia.

On a slightly different pop culture note, I've spent the last several days watching Doctor Who on Netflix, and it's made me realize that I'm kind of a giant failure as geekiness goes. Not because I don't like it (because I doooooo, very much), but because it took me SO VERY LONG to get around to watching it. I could've been nerding out about this for years, guys. YEARS! Geek!fail, seriously.

And now I'm going to talk about the house for a bit, so I'll cut for those of you who are like, PAINT IS BORING, GO BACK TO TALKING ABOUT DRAGONS )


Jun. 25th, 2010 11:26 am
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The real estate agent left us a key to use until the locks are changed and such, and let me tell you, it was SURREAL to walk around inside going, "So...this is ours now." No more landlord, no more roommates, no more up and moving every year, no more lease agreements. We've got a home now, one that's real and solid and permanent, and I don't know if I can really express just how big and important this is for me. I can't wait to get my hands dirty with this house, to paint the walls and redo the floors, to plan -- and plant -- my garden. To really and truly settle in with Nate, whom I adore beyond all reason.

Rainbows and cupcakes, y'all. I am really feeling the rainbows and cupcakes today.
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Oh my god, good things are FINALLY HAPPENING. First, it looks like the closing is actually going to go down today. WE MIGHT HAVE A HOUSE BY THE END OF THE DAY WTF WTF WTF :D:D:D:D:D:D. The bank didn't have all their paperwork done last week, so Nate had to file another extension, but this week...this week money is being moved around and papers are being signed and Nate's going out to the title place this morning and! And! House! Of our own! Finally!

In other good news, Nate's getting promoted to banquet sous chef, which is a REALLY BIG DEAL -- banquets bring in a lot of their revenue, a LOT, and being the banquet sous is a big responsibility. But they're confident he can handle it, and I know he can handle it (on account of his being awesome and all), so the whole thing is pretty exciting. Not only will he be making more money, but his schedule will be more flexible AND I'll actually get to see him in the evenings again. Like, earlier than midnight! THIS IS VERY COOL.

Also, I got an A in A&P III, but that's noteworthy only because I knew -- based on the points and my test scores -- that I wasn't going to. But she apparently decided to curve the final scores, so...yay? I didn't think she was going to for a while there, but when your entire class can't seem to score higher than an 83% on every goddamn test and/or quiz, that's probably a sign that something is wrong with the way you're teaching. In class, she would say things like, "I just don't understand why this keeps happening. Not ONE of you broke the curve this time either, and it just doesn't make any sense!" *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* No one broke the curve because your tests were badly written and you teach in a confusing way! Why do you think this keeps happening?! Gahhhhhhhhhhh.

But...it's over and she curved the final scores and I still have my 4.0, so I still have a shot of getting into OHSU when I apply this fall. Hooray!

To recap:
Today might be the day for the house.
Nate got a totally awesome radcakes promotion.
My grades are still on track.

Good things, yep yep.


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