Mar. 10th, 2011

janegodzilla: (jesus on a dino your argument is invalid)
I stumbled over the Papo dinosaur figurines whilst rambling 'round the internets, and...holy shit, do I want them. I want them so very much. The allosaurus and stegosaurus especially, because they are gorgeous (and because the stegosaurus is my favorite saurian herbivore), but I also want the tyrannosaurus and the velociraptor. The latter lacks feathers and looks more like a deinonychus than a velociraptor, but that's okay! It's still pretty!

(Seriously, that stegosaurus is like my childhood dreams made reality. I NEED ONE. A real one, preferably life-size, that I can ride to work and park in the Canyon Garage because I'm on a fucking dinosaur and I'll do what I want.)

Speaking of unrepentant spending, I am giddy beyond belief because I found a used copy of the original Jet Set Radio Future (i.e. the one with the cleanest backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360) online for less than $100. I used to love that game, and I've been haphazardly searching for a decent copy of the original for the past few years. It was never super popular in the States, though, so they've always been a) rare, and b) expensive. I ended up shelling out more than I normally would on a video game, but...fuck it. JSRF is made of ZAZZ and AWESOME, and I'm really excited to play it again.

I'm also excited to play Beyond Good and Evil HD, which I downloaded the other day. It's another one of those games I loved when I played it on the last generation of consoles, and from what I've read it's apparently a pretty good port. The story and voice-acting and music were all fab and the camera mechanic was hella cool, so I'm really psyched that I get to play it again.

And then Nate downloaded Torchlight yesterday, so I'm up to my ears in awesome video games all demanding my attention (especially seeing as I still have to finish Brutal Legend and Undead Nightmare...). Why haven't they invented a game system that I can just plug into my skull already? I mean. COME ON.

In other news, I have looked at the word "calendar" so many times today that it has ceased to look like an actual word. :B


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