Mar. 14th, 2011

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I got my tax refund over the weekend, and while I plan to put most of it to practical use (i.e. going halves on a new bed with Nate and getting rid of the remaining tuition on my credit card), I decided I needed to blow some of it on something fun. To that end, I ordered Phoenix Wright, Okamiden, and Pokemon White, which will serve as my introduction to the wide world of pokemon (SO EXCITED!). I would normally just hit up a Gamestop for all this stuff, but PW is old enough that none of the local places carry it and Okamiden doesn't come out until tomorrow. Since I was already ordering PW, I figured I might as well add a few other games to the order so I could get the free shipping.

This means I can't play until next week, of course, but given that my statistics final is this Saturday and the prof assigned us a metric ton of homework to go along with the studying, I think that's probably a good thing. Plus, now I have something to look forward to post-finals! Yay!

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out which version of Pokemon Black and White I wanted, though. I went with White because it seemed like a better one for beginners and people who want to do a lot of collecting, so...I guess? Also, the electric black dragon guy seems, uh, pretty cool. :I I have no idea what I'm doing. I even googled comparison guides and such, because I had to be sure I was getting the right one. I don't know what it is with me and relatively trivial decisions. I do the same exact thing when it comes to, I don't know, buying eggs or picking a restaurant for dinner. I'm so terrified of making the wrong choice that I end up utterly paralyzed by indecision, and then I can't choose a damn thing.

What's even more ridiculous is that I don't usually get this way over BIG things. Like, stuff involving lots of money or my career or people's lives or whatever? I weigh the choices, I make a decision, and 99/100 times I'm confident that my decision is the correct and/or most reasonable one for the situation. But GOD FORBID I pick the wrong restaurant for dinner! My brain can't even handle how horrible that would be. I mean, someone might be slightly unhappy with their meal choices. MY GOD. Just get in the car, everyone, we're going home.

In other words, I can drop $600 on my half of a fancy TV and be perfectly confident in the awesomeness of our choice, and yet I spent my entire lunch hour researching a $34 Pokemon game and I'm still worried I chose wrong. I just.

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