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So Thursday was my four-year anniversary with Nate, which I think is pretty radtastic. He bought me a blu-ray player and "Tron: Legacy," because he is MADE OF CUPCAKES AND WIN and has sort of twigged to the fact that I'm utterly obsessed with everything Tron right now. We didn't really want to stack the blu-ray on top of the 360 or the stereo, so we bought a new little entertainment stand thingy as well. It's all wood and glass and fancy and shit, serious grown-up furniture for sure. We'd made an Ikea run earlier last week and got some curtains, a rug, and a new lamp for the living room, and finally switched out the old beat-up coffee table for the pretty black lacquer one that's been hanging out in my office. With the new entertainment stand thingy in there, our living room is finally starting to look like a REAL living room, as opposed to one we cobbled together out of dorm room leftovers.

Not that it was bad like that or anything. It's just a lot prettier this way!

Now we only need a couch that we can wipe down after the dog flops all over it and a better bookshelf for all the games and movies and things, and we'll be set. Oh, and more art, but we need more art throughout the entire house. Stuff on the walls = good times.

Seriously, I can't believe we're at four years already. We have a house and a dog together, for fuck's sake. That is hella domestic right there, and I feel kind of deliriously happy whenever I think about it.
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Oh, statistics. You're kind of annoying and you're way less fun than straight-up science (or, as I like to call it, SCIENCE!!!), but everything about you makes perfect sense and I can't help but love you for it. The equations always do the same thing. Always. It's so...it's so neat! And elegant! And precise! Science is messy as anything and I absolutely love that, but the clean simplicity of math appeals to the tightly-wound part of my soul that likes to make lists and categorize everything a million times over.

Nate and I are going camping next weekend, and I am STUPIDLY EXCITED about it. We're staying in a yurt! YURT CAMPING! I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT THESE THINGS! They're like little elf houses! It's way too cold right now to go tent camping*, but the yurts in the Oregon state parks all have heat so weirdos like us can go camping in the wintertime. It's a little ridiculous how giddy I am about the prospect of camping in February. It's just. I haven't been camping in such a long time! And I've never been with Nate, so I'm just really looking forward to the whole thing.

We were originally going to camp at Tumalo, which is down near Bend, but when I talked to my mom about it she was all, "Oh honey, no" about it. Apparently, she and dad go cross-country skiing out there this time of year, because it's the high desert and there's mad snow in January and February. Uh. Whoops! So now we're going to Beverly Beach, which is down by Newport. That way, we can go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium or something even if the weather is shitty. Random shitty weather is how the Pacific Northwest rolls.

Oh my god we are totally going to make s'mores! Eeeee! *flappy hands of delight*

* Also, we don't own a tent.
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ZomBcon 2010, Seattle, Halloween weekend





I can't believe I only just found out about this. AND I CALL MYSELF A ZOMBIE FAN.
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Yesterday was an oasis of pleasantness amidst the desert of "omg stressssssssss" that was this past week. We got up early, we discovered a lovely little breakfast place within easy walking distance AND an awesome little game store right across the street from said breakfast place, I bought a Call of Cthulhu core rulebook (just because!) and, later on, the newest Professor Layton game, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon being mildly productive and playing various videogames. We also went to Sckavone's for dinner, which was nice -- we haven't been there in ages, and although it's not within walking distance anymore, it's less than ten minutes away by car. I'm not really a fan of driving (read: I hate driving), but I guess it's okay when it's to something that close.

Honestly, that's the one thing that's lousy about our new digs: there are very few places to eat within walking distance. Rather, there are very few places where we WANT to eat that are within walking distance. There are plenty of bars and chain restaurants, of course, but I kinda got spoiled after living in NW and close-in SE. Haha, whoops. We're cooking for ourselves a lot more, which is arguably cheaper and healthier, but still. I miss Cartopia. :(((((

(Of course, the times when I miss Cartopia and Dots and the like are when it's late or I'm feeling way too lazy to do something healthy, and this is why it's probably a very good thing that we live farther away from them now. Living within easy walking distance of fried chocolate-peanut butter pie is not necessarily a good thing. Delicious, yes; good, not so much.)

...oh god, now I'm hungry. Why weren't you more filling, veggie sandwich? YOU AND YOUR AVOCADO LIED TO ME.


Jun. 25th, 2010 11:26 am
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The real estate agent left us a key to use until the locks are changed and such, and let me tell you, it was SURREAL to walk around inside going, "So...this is ours now." No more landlord, no more roommates, no more up and moving every year, no more lease agreements. We've got a home now, one that's real and solid and permanent, and I don't know if I can really express just how big and important this is for me. I can't wait to get my hands dirty with this house, to paint the walls and redo the floors, to plan -- and plant -- my garden. To really and truly settle in with Nate, whom I adore beyond all reason.

Rainbows and cupcakes, y'all. I am really feeling the rainbows and cupcakes today.


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